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Welcome to Greece, the best sailing vacations destination on earth

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the skippers who have sailed around the world. They prefer Greece as a sailing vacation destination, for a combination of good reasons.



The Archipelago designed by God as a sailing track

The sea in Greece looks like a Sailing Race Track, with the islands playing the role of buoys. The port and the capital village on the hill of each island is the prize for the completion of each route. The captains and the sailors enjoy the sailing adventure and their friends enjoy safe swimming in thousands of beaches. Altogether, everybody enjoys the Mediterranean cuisine.



The fishing villages allow berth for free by the tavern! 

  Thousands of bays allow safe anchorage on any weather

The Mediterranean – Greek kitchen

  Friendly people ready to help and provide hospitality

 View also promotional videos from Greece here Promotional Videos from Greece

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